Cebu First Cosplay Ball and Awards Night


It is not surprising that cosplaying  here in Cebu has spread like wild fire and the community is just getting bigger and bigger not only that but also more fun and acceptable to society. The way the community embraced cosplaying to the public is really amazing, I have seen a lot of people having more fun with the presentations and skits, taking pictures to the cosplayers themselves  not only from kids but also the not so young ones.

I have been to a lot of cosplay events and probably this will be one of the grandest and hopefully most organized cosplay event  I will be witnessing. I really like the cosplay ball theme which is unique. This is one event you should not missed especially to the cosplayers here in Cebu :).

Here are the details:

It will be the night, where we celebrate the art we all enjoy. From the creation of a costume, to doning it, to become the character you wish to be. An artistic expression and a way to adore your favorite character. You become the character, the character becomes you.. and thus begins the magic that continues to captivate your audience young and old alike. This is a night for cosplayers.

This event is dedicated to all Cebu Cosplayers. Especially, to those who pushed the level of excellence.. one notch higher.

There will be NO Cosplay Competition, rather we will be awarding the individuals or groups who have contributed greately to the world of cosplay. Nominees are hand-picked by a group of “Supporters of Cosplay”, outstanding individuals who know the cosplay community but not necesarily cosplayers themselves. The community will also take a part in voting for their favorite nominees throughout the month of April.

There will be games, raffles, and a whole lot of surPrizes for all attendees. Not only that, but a Buffet Dinner awaits for you at the table. This event is not without giving back to the community. There will be an auction of cosplay items and goods from famous cosplayers. The proceeds of the auction will be put to good use and go to charity. Cosplayers does not only flare but also care, so be ready to give and gain in return 😉
So put on your Best Ball outfit and be ready to party!

What: Grand Cosplay Ball and Awards Night

When: May 19, 2012 (Saturday) 7:30 – 11:00pm

Where: Golden Peak Hotel Gorordo Ave. Cebu City

Tickets are available starting the first week of April to the event date. Those who have purchased tickets on the 1st and 2nd week of April are entitled to a RANK A Raffle entry. On the 3rd and 4th week, you are entitled to a RANK B Raffle Entry. Tickets sold on May have no raffle entries. Limited slots are available so get them while they’re still hot. If you wish to avail, you may get the ticket from the following awesome persons:
– Arvee Yap (meet ups at SM; 6:30-7:00pm)
– Dodie D. Batoctoy (meet ups at Ayala, 7:30-8:30pm)
– Ara Rexanne Catubigan
– Gary Montejo
– Windee Tan
– & Joebert Jude Cimafranca

Ticket Prices
– 1st and 2nd week – P375
– 3rd and 4th week – P400
– 1st to May 19[event proper] – P450

(ALL GECCOS members will recieve a discount of P25. Must present your official GECCOS ID upon purchase or you may verify with the GECCOS head)
For those who are interested or wish to become a part of GECCOS community, see their group0 page below:

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  1. This looks really, really exciting! I’m heading over to Cebu soon, so I’ll hit this up.

  2. Exciting! XD Sounds like fun! 🙂

  3. Aaaah, this sounds so exciting! I wish we had stuff like that in SA ha ha

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