Cebu Negros & Visayas Earthquake

Earthquake in the Visayas also occurred earlier here in Cebu, reportedly coming from Negros as the epicenter with the strongest magnitude of 7. Buildings are immediately evacuated for safety especially those in the high /skyrise buildings.

Even malls are evacuated and temporarily close like SM City Cebu to ensure safety.

A magnitude 6.9 quake struck between the islands of Negros and Cebu before noon Monday,t.  Phivolcs said the quake struck 5 kilometers northwest of Tayasan, Negros Oriental at 11: 49 a.m.

Negros Earthquake Epicenter

It cost a lot of traffic especially in Cellphone / mobile signals making it difficult for subscribers to contact , call and even send text messages / SMS after the earthquake.  It was reported that some power lines were knockdown during the earthquake.


Tsunami is a FALSE ALARM confirmed from Phivolcs.


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  1. wow blogging like a boss. good info for everyone to be cautious. keep it up *thumbs up*

  2. This is an unexpected happening; there are many people who are victims of this tragedy. We hope and pray that they cannot happen again.

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