Cebu Hotel Elizabeth Anniversary

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu Turns 1

This is the third hotel I have visited this month so my mind is still very fresh in terms of reviewing and writing about hotels here in Cebu. This time, we got the chance to tour around the rooms with its amenities. They just celebrated their anniversary and we were invited to celebrate and have a tour around their rooms.

First we went to their most expensive Executive Penthouse Suite which roughly cost 13k 0_o , really cozy place with almost perfect amenities , state of the art and clean comfort rooms comparable to 5 Star Hotel.

Then we went to their Penthouse Suite, Executive Suite and Deluxe Rooms. Also like the theme of their rooms which has the mediterranean style setting. Though it is kinda expensive (personally lol ), the service is really very good for a new hotel. The location is also very ideal for those who want to be at the heart of the city, just a few meters away from Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park and also from my workplace 🙂 . The staff are also very accomodating and our tour guide XD did a great job in showing and elaborating us each rooms.

Executive Penthouse

We also got the chance to see the owner of the Hotel, I never expected that she is just one table away from us. There she thank all the staff and did it well too. There is also their Hotel theme song which was sang by all their hotel staff.

Now similar to my previous post, though it is not a food event, I am still going to include it, overall, their food is very delicious indeed. The fish fillet is has a very unique delicious taste, which is my favorite and also has the most volume in my plate when there is a buffet :D, There was also this spicy lechon which is the first time I have ever tasted and is also one of the best lechons I have tasted so far.

The owner herself with her daughter

We also got the chance to see the Mayor of Cebu City Mike Rama which he did a speech and did a little song number which is also know as the singing Mayor of Cebu :), it was an entertaining number .

And what is a celebration without a simple giveaway, in short, a raffle xD, it was one of the most fun raffles ever because the emcee semi-curse bloggers for almost winning all the raffle prize the a crowd ,lol.. but once again, luck isn’t my side at this time :/

The Singing Mayor of Cebu Mike Rama

Nevetherless, it was a fun and indulging experience. I recommend this hotel to everyone who wants to have a stay right in the heart of the Queen City of the South Cebu. 🙂

The Hotel Elizabeth, Cebu
Archbishop Reyes, Cebu City Philippines
Telephone: +6332 231 8000
Telefax: +6332 231 8080



13 Comments on "Cebu Hotel Elizabeth Anniversary"

  1. 3 hotels in a month? I only get to go to a hotel at least thrice a year! Hahaha! =P

  2. I really want to go to Cebu! I was able to visit Bohol, but we didn’t have much time to ~cross the sea~.

    And that hotel is really nice! Well.. it should be if you’re going to pay for 13k. 😛

  3. I heard Cebu is such a great place. I hope I could go there too.

  4. that is soooo expensive! but i guess worth it naman knowing na it’s a five star hotel diba?

  5. I want to go to Cebu! I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about Cebu, that’s why I want to visit that place! And the hotel looks great! It looks so posh and cozy! 🙂

  6. goodness I would love to check the place out! Then again I’m too far 🙁 Maybe someday when I visit. :D~

  7. Wow! Parang ang saya mag visit visit sa mga hotel ah. Sana makapunta ako ng Cebu. Hindi pa ako nakakapunta dyan.

  8. The hotel looks awesome. As for the suite costing P13k, it isn’t really that expensive, that is if it is a 5 star hotel. 5-star hotels here in Manila cost around P20k/top suite.

    I love Cebu’s lechon. Have it in spicy. Yummm~!

  9. Whoa, another hotel from Cebu! I miss Cebu so much 😀 specially the seafooooooodss! You’re so lucky you got the chance to visit those star hotels.

  10. The hotel looks good 🙂 You’re really lucky to visit those hotels 😉

  11. Did you say third hotel this month? Wow, you are so lucky! It looks like a great place 🙂

  12. Hmmmm… well someday I’ll visit Cebu too. Siguro pag may sarili na akong work at pera. hahaha. Ang mahal nung suite! Sana pinicturan mo! haha

  13. Wow nainvite ka sa event nila? Bongga lang. :)) Sana nakatikim din ako ng foods nila hehehe
    Mukhang magaganda nga yung rooms. Ang comfy.

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