Google To Kill Google Friend Connect (GFC) and other Services

Google announced off-season spring cleaning spree, which includes the removal of Google Friend Connect and other 6 Google Service, in total, 7 of these Google Service will end starting December this year(some already ended) up to next year with their respective dates. This is really a bad news for those bloggers who are really building up their blog network using Google Friend Connect (GFC), a lot of effort is also placed in terms of promoting their blogs and even held blog giveaways which includes following in Google Friend Connect as one of the mechanics.

Though I am not really that affected because I only have few networks in Google Friend Connect XD, it is still kinda disappointing to remove the services with all the hard work done (especially for bloggers). I know it is out of our control but I think that is part of the plan for Google to focus more on services that are more productive (that’s business).

Here are the other Google Services to be Killed or Ended

  • Google Friend Connect (Ends on March 1, 2012) , a way to integrate social features with websites “by embedding a few snippets of code.” .
  • Google Bookmark Lists (Ends on December 19, 2011), an “experimental feature for sharing bookmarks and collaborating with friends.” .
  • Google Gears (Ends on End date: December 1, 2011), an open-source multi-browser interface for running web apps and accessing related files offline. Google says it’s all part of their shift to HTML5.
  • Google Search Timeline (Ends Right now or already ended) the little search timeline that sometimes pops up when you google something. You’ll still be able to see charts, if you like, using Google Trends.
  • Google Wave (Ends on April 30, 2012), the collaboration/conversation tool I only used a handful of times while contributing to a comics-related column here.
  • Knol (Ends on April 30, 2012.), Google’s kind-of-sort-of response to Wikipedia, and while Google says it’s all part of a transition to its Annotum project, I’m not sure if all the stuff that’s in Knol’s going to make the jump.
  • Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE C) (Ends Now), an attempt to reduce the cost of renewable energy. Google says that “[at] this point, other institutions are better positioned than Google to take this research to the next level.” End date: Now, with the results of the project published here.

Source : Official Google Blog

It seems that Google wants us to focus more on Google+ Plus and their other popular services (email, talk, etc)

What do you think Bloggers and Google Users? Will you miss Google Friend Connect and other Google Services?


10 Comments on "Google To Kill Google Friend Connect (GFC) and other Services"

  1. oh nooooo! google!! 🙁

  2. I’m not really using any of those google services. It’s gonna be a hassle for those who are using Google Friend Connect though.

  3. What? That’s sad 🙁 almost everybody that’s hosted by blogger use GFC. Too bad they’re going to take it down.

  4. I have Google Wave and I remember going gaga over having an invite for it and bragging to my friends. But yeah, it does suck that they’re taking it out along with GFC. I’ve seen some blogs do giveaways that need to connect using GFC to be able to join. Oh well. Good thing I didn’t use that on my blog :

  5. what?! oh no… i’m only using GFC, and even if i only have 15 followers, includng me XDD hahaha, it’s still sad, hirap kaya mangalap nun. :((((

  6. Is that for real? Omg. I’m planning to sign up on google friend connect pa naman. 😐 Thanks for sharing this one dear, xoxo <3

  7. I heard about Google Wave being discontinued but not the other services. I was planning pa naman to sign up for GFC kasi lately I’ve been seeing lots of bloggers using it. 😀 I think Google Buzz is also included in the services to be discontinued by Google. I wonder why Google decided to discontinue them and also how does the developers feel that their hard work will go to waste. 🙁

  8. Nakakainis. Totoo na ba talaga yan? Grabe effort ko talaga magpadami ng followers eh. Nagsponsor bako ng contests. Kainis naman sila.

  9. oh no! I guess we can’t control everything….

    visitingfrom blogupp

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