How to Put Adsense Code inside Blogger / Blogspot Post

Google adsense has been the most popular way in monetizing blogs and websites and it is used by a multitude of blogs/websites. Placing ads in a website is much trickier than you thought, you cannot just place ads anywhere in the page or just post it for the sake of viewing or loading the ads.

“Location” and I mean location is very very important aspect in determining the success of your google ads in terms of page impression and the number of clicks. I’m gonna focus here more of blogs just because it is the easiest access of many sources of information and many users view its pages (and I’m currently using it right now).

This is applicable only to blogger /blogspot blogs. So you already have your blog, then log in to your adsense account as we have to do a little bit for the code.

Log in to your blogger account -> select your blog’s layout tab -> select edit HTML ->view the codes and put check in the checkbox Expand Widget templates.

Convert first your ad codes first to be compatible with blogger/blogspot template.

Click Here to Convert ad codes

Here Are The Formats and the codes:

Format 1: Insert the code Before <data:post.body/>

Format 2: Insert the code Before <data:post.body/>

Format 3: Insert the code Before the footer or After <data:post.body/>

Just remember dont change anything in the adsense code as it will violate the policies andworst you will get banned so dont let that happen.

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