JM De Guzman Live at Ayala Center Cebu


Watch ABS-CBN’s Prince of Drama, JM De Guzman live as he promotes his single on May 31, 7pm at Ayala Center Cebu in time for the back to school sale happening from May 31 to June 2.

After the successful release of his debut album, ABS-CBN’s Prince of Drama, JM De Guzman, is here once again to captivate the hearts of fans with his newest album, “Tensionado”!

Released under Ivory Music & Video, Tensionado is a collection of JM De Guzman’s renditions of his favorite songs featuring“Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart, “Lost In Space” by Lighthouse Family , “Don’t Give Up On Us” by David Soul and“Tensionado” by Soapdish. JM’s collaboration with singer Jaq Dionisio of Kiss Jane in the hit Itchyworms song “Akin Ka Na Lang”, the track chosen to be the album’s carrier single is something to watch out for. Acoustic Diva Suy also showcased her soulful and relaxing voice in her duet with the singing heartthrob in the special track “Terrified”.

Catch this soulful event only at Cebu’s premiere shopping, dining and entertainment destination on May 31, 7pm during Ayala Cebu’s Back to School Sale weekend.

Personal Space and Online Space

Personal Space

I stumble upon an article line, which is kinda true for many (me included :D)

Personal space is the region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. Most people value their personal space and feel discomfort, anger, or anxiety when their personal space is encroached.[1] Permitting a person to enter personal space and entering somebody else’s personal space are indicators of perception of the relationship between the people. There is an intimate zone reserved for lovers, children and close family members. Source; Wiki

But this time, I am going to elaborate more on “personal space online”, I mean most of our interactions in this time and age are online or in the web. So the technicalities of these topic is somehow broad but very familiar in some way or another. Having a personal space online is really different from the actual or the physical space which is already categorize in the above image.

The interesting fact (based on the image) is that Social space is just outside the personal space which is kinda far for some especially when we relate it to personal online space. Physically, the distance is similar to intimate for personal space even others publicly can access a closer zone. So social media has really affect the way we see people or how we interact with them. For example, We have the tendency to be intimate with online friends even though you just met or even strangers.

In the personal space, you can relate it first as social space, but it the social media network, the space is closer than you think (psychologically). That is why many are getting intimate online even they barely know the person, in terms on how they treated everyone online especially with their Facebook friends

Each of our Facebook friends can also be divided according to how close or what relationship they have with others. I bet many group them into one space category which is really common for all but some really have a way to group them to avoid unwanted viewers (or worst stalkers). The advantage is that we can keep track of people especially our close families and friends but what about those who we just met or just hang outwhich we have given them access to our personal space online (except when you set privacy controls in your social networking settings).

This is also why I sometimes (really sometimes) get irritated when some suddenly enters and intrude my personal space for that manner, though each of us have a different personal space range, maybe some has a very wide social space (especially online) and also has its own rules when it comes to personal space and privacy. Knowing a person is very important on how you can measure or test how we see our own personal space both physically , psychologically and online space. Just remember the limits. cheers :)

Blogging a Bloggers Blog

Seems I have been on a hiatus (again) but in terms of interacting to fellow bloggers both online and offline , I haven’t blog hopped that much for the past week because of the Sinulog Festival and other stuff XD. Also returned few comments and as a result , well, haven’t interacted with other bloggers that much. Though most of my post are well.. events which is becoming a niche of this blog (yes, this is kinda an event blog but a little bit on the personal side meaning I attended the event itself and make a post about it or a sponsored event by invites from different company in promotion of their products and services (a return of all my blogging XD ).

It is getting to be an event blog or something which is kinda obvious, thought I tried to post events (particularly) all of the time, if ever I was in that event, I always tried my best to interact with my readers (if I have any, lol) and also to fellow bloggers especially those who commented even if it is for the sake of increasing backlinks, traffic, bloghopping or even critics, haha.. Nevertheless, it is still a good way to interact other bloggers.

Just wondering how is your blogging life so far?, seems this is one of my random and useless ramblings but who am I to judge my own blogpost ,haha.. Maybe I can get back on track starting this week or maybe getting a bit of momentum of bloghopping, updating blogpost and post interesting and helpful topics (easier said than done). Cheers!



The Royalty Event

Supposedly the event will be royalty but I rather go in a formal attire rather than dress up or something like that, I know there are a lot of my colleagues are thinking the same thing. But since this is my first royalty event, I choose to wear a bit formal (like a casual royalty prince sort of thing lol..haha ).

The event started of course with intermission numbers , dance/song numbers (those familiar stuff you see in most events , nothing new really :D ). It is also nice to see some hidden talents you never expected to see coming from unexpected people. There is also the “Star of the Night” contest wherein the person with the most eye catching royalty costume will be chosen as the winner. The winner of that is the one with the ragnarok soldier like type with matching lights :D which really is deserving with all the setup and props and stuff :D. But the one who got the most attention was the “Arabian loyalty” guy with 2 bodyguards (also employees) roam around the stage and people just screaming for fun for the simple but unique idea, too bad he didn’t won XD.

The highlight primarily of the event is the Group presentation contest wherein different departments presented their royalty themed presentations which they have to battle it out in front of the crowd with their stage presence, entertainment abilities :) and with audience impact participation. It was an entertaining show with all the gags and laughs and again, too bad, our department didn’t won:/

And after that is of course the food, though I didn’t want to include food reviews here but I just can’t let this passed by, for a big hotel here in Cebu, I expected their food to be somewhat tasty, but to my disappointment, it was not at tasty at all (maybe a little to harsh) but that is the point. I mean it was a buffet dinner and there were lots of choices but most of them didn’t taste that great (tasteless, iced tea was like a medicine), in fact one of my colleagues said that the food was like in a hospital (kinda tasteless). I was also assuming that their chef is a foreigner so that’s why the food is not what we used to taste (lame reason really).

Anyways, another reason why I went to the event is because of the raffle draws (who wouldn’t want to win eh), but it seems my luck in raffle draws has run out and then again, I didn’t win anything.. :/

Overall it was a great event, I don’t know if we will have this again next year. It also a very good way to end the year with all the work done throughout the calendar :D

Jerminix Live in Manila!

The day has finally come to conquer yet elusive place in my list :D. I already have many opportunities to go to Manila before but was all cancelled. Now I have successfully visited the place and it is done and what to do about it? of course post pictures in FB, Twitter, Foursquare and yes blog about it.

Since it is my first time in Manila, my review will be swift and fast, lol.. first day was a real drag because I was up the entire night before the flight. Our schedule was early 4am in the morning so I have to be up the entire night because if I will sleep, it is almost impossible to wake me up at that time (even if I have an alarm clock).

So feeling like a zombie in the Airport, I was able to get in the flight earlier than expected and arrived at the destination early in the morning. Since it was still early in the morning and the malls are not yet open (one of my missions :) ), we stayed in the apartelle with my brother, ermats and sis in law.

My first trip was in Dusit Thani in Makati, it is really true that there are so many very tall buildings there, though it is the big version here in Cebu Ayala Business Park, it is still amazing to see those tall skyscrapers and there are still other ongoing construction.












These are the different types of Christmas tree I found in the Dusit Thani Hotel, I think it was featured in the Television. I was really like a photo whore taking any photos everywhere as long as it within my eye sight and my lens sight.

There are also performances from students with their Filipino cultural dance. It was one of longest and most variety of performances by a single group I mean they can play musical instrument, dance more than 6 I thinks performance and some of them can sing well and they all came from one school.

The rest of the event was really fun with all the good food and stuff (Too bad we didn’t win the raffle). I think that will be for my first day trip, I will post the next part soon, just want to update something here as I am nearing again to a hiatus mode (4-5 days gap) is my hiatus timeline :D.

Libera (The Christmas Concert of the Year) @ Waterfront Cebu


What: Libera (The Christmas Concert of the Year)

When: October 28,2011 (Friday)

Where: Waterfront Cebu City Hotel


8:00 pm Friday, 28 October 2011 Waterfront Cebu City Hotel

P 2,500 – Center seats

P 1,500 – Side & Center seats

P 900 Back Center Seats

P 750 Back Side Seats (SOLD OUT)

For tickets please call

233-0452/0917-328-7917 (Arts Council of Cebu)

232-2958 (Balletcenter, Ayala Center Cebu)

233-0445/231-0409 (SM Customer Service Department)

Contact Details:

Arts Council of Cebu Office

Tel: (032)233-0452

Mobile: 09173287917


Mind over Body

Yes, still nothing to say or rather post something useful, just staring at the monitor thinking what to post, my mind is so filled with ideas (blank ideas that is), maybe that is the result of doing “thinking without thinking” or perhaps . I should just stop staring the monitor and currently typing the current thing that goes into my mind, still thinking of what to post something that might interest anyone or worst..myself..haha.. oh wait, I already posted something without even thinking at all or typing with what I just thought about now and that’s about more than 50 words.. yes I should really stop in making these annoying introductions..lolz

Anyways, just another spare time for to share something.. I mean it’s been a long time since I got a feeling that something is missing, I don’t really know if it is just me or just another calling for me to do an act out of it.. It’s that I really want to do many things as of this moment that I tend to forget to prioritize the important once.. though I am still in the stage of my life where I want to do everything as much as possible.. just do whatever I want and like of course with certain responsibility and great cause.. there was this time that I want to “plant trees” just got the feeling that I have to give back to the community.. though it is a little weird or should I say, not like me to do stuff like that, but I don’t know if I can get a hang of it or something…

I just get this certain urge to do “random act of kindness”.. It is not that I don’t do this on a certain basis or situation.. The thing is that the feeling is more voluntary rather than situational or accidental type of act.. I don’t think it is a result of boredom because I can just sleep or do other things.. duh.. Maybe, I should take this opportunity to do something for the society..

I think I should be more responsive to these type of call in our stages of our lives. Just a reminder probably that I am a part of a society whether online or offline..

I am getting a little poetry mode, just another post from the blogger… cheers!

Busy-Bz-Bc-be see

Nothing really important to talk about, I just remind myself that I still have a blog to maintain and everything, maybe this is the right time to ask myself or anyone what motivates us to blog..

Is it money? – which is really true for many and myself included, yah, bloggers are human beings too unless they are automated post than by some software program which is rarely seen in a personal blog (I hope they are the real thing). Not to mention the ads, sponsored post, ptc etc in the pages which is already understandable.. we do eat you know..lolz

Is it fame? – I’m not the public social type of person, so who cares?.. though it can help when meeting with new/old friends (or maybe enemies) through blogging and you can find good acquaintances in the online world? link exchange ? comments? critics? its cool..

Is it passion? – Unless I am a very famous writer and an author of a book, it is still a good medium for me to be used as a wannabe semi writer without wasting papers coming from trees.

No matter what the reason is, its nice to know we all have a story to tell even if they are important, truth, lies, gossip or just plain non sense and at the same entertain whoever reads it… happy blogging