Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Cebu Leg

Filipino cuisine has captured many food lovers not only from the locals but to the foreigners as well. To distinguish Filipino food from another is a great test for which we can really declare (or taste) that indeed it is a Pinoy Food. The opportunity to be a part of an advocacy (scrumptious that is) to know what truly Filipino Cuisine is and spread the word to the entire globe. The distinction of the Filipino cuisine tops the rest of other cuisines and can even compete in the international scene in terms of taste and presentation.

I had the opportunity to visit various restaurants in Cebu that represents their own Filipino (Cebuano) cuisine from the Sooo Pinoy Food Trip.

The Sooo Pinoy Food Trip is the biggest food tour in the country. Together with an entourage of media partners to feature regional restaurants and hotels in digital, print and TV media, Sooo Pinoy Food Trip will visit the different restaurants in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to experience firsthand each place’s take on signature local cuisines that represent the country’s culinary diversity.

Sooo Pinoy aims to get to the belly of what makes our cuisine special and uniquely ours. From the history and evolution of Filipino food down to the restaurants that best serve them, Sooo Pinoy aims to help diners discover more about the diverse Filipino cuisine.

I visited different restaurants here in Cebu and even surprised by some of the cuisines I never thought I will be able to taste or the cuisine existed itself. I also met their respective owners/chefs and described about their restaurant and their food which is really not only an appetizing moment but also educational as well, knowing each of their humble beginnings and their stories is truly inspiring. It only proves that great food doesn’t only come from ingredients used but also the heart and passion put into it. They become successful because of their commitment to their customers to deliver great food, great service and being a full pledge Filipino in terms of cooking

Also got to meet the chefs behind the cuisines and the story behind it on how they come up with the certain recipe. They also showed us how it is made and the ingredients used.

List of restaurants/hotels that participated

Sutukil (Mana)
Shangri-La Mactan
Plantation Bay
Mooon Café

Zubuchon – Mango Avenue
Port Seafood Restaurant – Waterfront Hotel and Casino
AA BBQ – Salinas Drive
Marco Polo Plaza
Imperial Palace

CnT Lechon
Harold’s Hotel
Island Grill – SM City Cebu
Parklane Hotel
Hotel Elizabeth

Overall, the event is a successful one. I had fun as well as a satisfied stomach by tasting and munching real Filipino cuisine and learn a lot of stuff about real Filipino Cuisine

I will be making post about these restaurants in this blog and my newly created travel/food blog so stay tuned

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List of Cebu Hotels & Motels for Sinulog Reservation

Cebu Hotels and Motels For Sinulog

Here are the list of Cebu Hotels ,Motels, Pension House etc you can choose if you want to stay and watch the Sinulog Festival.

Acropolis Hotel
V. Rama Ave. Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 253-1911
Fax: (6332) 253-3205

Aderan Hotel
Salinas Drive Ext., Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 231-4858
Fax: (6332) 231-3397

Amihan Port Lodge
Cebu City, Cebu

Anacletus Tourist Inn
Sanson Road, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 231-4910
Fax: (6332) 231-4922

Bahia Resort Hotel
F. Ramos Street, Lahug, Cebu City
Telephone No: (6332) 253-6597, 254-8018
Fax No: (6332) 253-6597, 254-8018

Benz Pension House
Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
Phone: (032) 253-3033

Capitol Tourist Inn Inc.
Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City
Tel # +63.32.253-2850 | +63.32.254-5998

Casa Loreto Pension House
Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City

Casa Rosario Pension House
101-E Don Ramon Aboitiz, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 253-5134

Castle Peak Hotel
F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, Cebu City
Trunkline: +63 32 233 1811 or 232-6838
Facsimile: +63 32 232 6838

Cebu Business Hotel
Colon St., Cebu City
Phone: 255-6010 to 13
Fax: 63 32 2532893

Cebu Century Hotel
Corner Colon and Pelaez Streets, Cebu City
Phone: +63 32 255-1341

Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Cebu Business Park, Ayala Road, Cebu
Phone: 232-6100

Cebu Grand Hotel
N. Escario Street, Cebu City
Phone Numbers: (+6332) 2546331, 2546339, 2546361, or 2546362
Fax Number: (+6332) 2546363

Cebu Hallmark Hotel
179 Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-1840
Fax: (6332) 255-3733

Cebu Marco Polo Plaza
Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: (63 32) 253-1111
Fax: (63 32) 234-8170

Cebu Mayflower Pension House
East Capitol Site, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 255-2800, 255-2700, 255-7387

Cebu Northwinds Hotel
Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: +63 (0)32 233-0311
+63 (0)32 233-0312
+63 (0)32 233-0313
+63 (0)32 231-5984
+63 (0)32 232-0597
+63 (0)32 416-7775
Fax: 416-2222

Cebu Pensione Plaza
N. Escario Extention, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 254-6300, 254-6369, or 254-6360
Fax: (032) 253-7378

Cebu Regal Pension House
9-A Y & F Bldg., Junquera Ext., Cebu City
Phone: 255-6758, 2556759, 255-6750

Cebu Uptown Apartelle
Cebu City, Cebu

Cebu View Tourist Inn
Sanciangco Street, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 254 8333
Fax: (63 32) 254 9777

Century Plaza Hotel
Cen. Plaza Com’l Complex, Juana Osmeña, Cebu City
Phone: (63) (32) 255-1697 / 412-6673
Fax No.: (62) (32) 253-9205

Cest La Vie Pension
Juana Osmena Street, Cebu City
Phone: (63-32) 253-5266, (63-32) 253-2376, (63-32) 253-8251

Citiview House
Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

City Park Inn
Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 232-7311
Fax: (6332) 232-7382

Coral Reef Hotel
Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers
Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City
Phone: +63 (32) 418-8888
Fax No.: +63 (32) 418-5886

Crown Regency Residences Cebu
V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City
Phone: +63 (32) 255-7541 to 48
Fax No.: +63 (32) 255-5060

D’ Villa Hotel
St. Michael’s Village Road, Banilad, Cebu City

Diplomat Hotel
90 F. Ramos Street, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: +6332-2530099
Fax: +6332-2546346

Dynasty Tourist Inn Inc.
Jasmin Street, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
Phone: (63 32) 254-6372
Fax: (63 32) 253-7598

East Capitol Pensionne
D.S. Regner Building, 92-C East Capitol Site, Cebu City
Phone: 255-1210 / 0927-9797428
Fax: 416-5668 / 416-5588
Email: /

Eddie’s Hotel
F. Manalo Street, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 254-8570, (032) 254-8573, or (032) 254-8576
Fax: (032) 254-8578

Elegant Circle Inn
Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
Phone: (63 32) 254-1601 / 412-4928
Fax: (63 32) 254-1606

Elicon Pension
Corners P. Del Rosario-Junquera Streets, Cebu City
Phone: +63.32.255-0400 | +63.32.253-0367
Mobile: Sun: 0922-8228644 / Globe: 0916-4263443
Fax: (032) 253-0367

Executive Royal Inn
Ma. Cristina Street, Cebu City
Phone: +63.32.253-8251

Fuente Pension House
0175 Don Julio Llorente St., Capitol Site, Cebu City
Phone: +6332 412-4988
Fax: +6332 253-4233

Garwood Hotel
Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City
Phone: +6332 412-5931 / 412-7321 / 254-9665
Mobile: (+63)9278006000 / (+63)9073333444 / (+63)9333487007

Golden Valley Inn
155-A Pelaez St., Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 253-8660
Sales Direct Line: (6332) 253-8/ 481 09173238660
Fax: (6332) 253-8482

Gran Prix Econotels Cebu
Corner F. Ramos St. and Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City
Phone: +63 (32) 254 9169
Fax: + 63 (32) 253 3072

Harbor View Hotel
M.J. Cuenco Ave., Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-3338
Reservation: 253-3970
Sales: 254-0152
Fax: (6332) 253-0485

Holiday Plaza Hotel
F. Ramos St., Cebu City
Phone: (63-32) 254-9880
Reservation: 2547643
Fax: (63-32) 254-6746

Hope Pension House
79 V Gullas Street,cor Legaspi, Cebu City
Phone: +63.32.254-3659 | +63.32.253-8909
Fax: (+6332) 254-3659

Hotel Asia
Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site, Cebu City
Phone: (63.32) 255 8536
Fax: (63.32) 255 8536

Hotel Casablanca
21 Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City
Phone: (63 32) 255-2868 / (63 32) 254-5176

Hotel De Mercedes
7 Pelaez Street, Cebu City
Phone: + 63 32 253 1105
Fax: + 63 32 253 3880

Hotel La Nivel
Gorordo Ave., Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: +63 32 73171
Fax: +63 32 210080

Hotel Le Carmen
21 Juana Osmeña st., Cebu City
Phone: +63 255-6366

Hotel Sogo
Sanciangko St., Cebu City
Phone: (032) 416-8055 to 56 / (032) 254-1042
Fax: (032) 416-8050

Hotel Victoria de Cebu
174 V. Gullas, Manalili St., Cebu City
Phone: +63.32.254-1331 – 35 | +63.32.254-1881 | +63.32.255-3733

Jacinta Pension House
Osmena Boulevard at Escario Street, Cebu City
Phone: +63(32)2543011

Jasmin Boulevard
Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
Phone: (+6332) 253-3757

Jasmin Pension House
Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City
Phone: (63-32) 255-4559, (63-32) 253-3757
Fax: (63-32) 254-2686

Jovel Pension House
24K Uytengsu Road, Jones Ave., Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 254-9950

Kamuning House
Don J. Llorente, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 253-6866/ 254-9808
Fax: (6332) 253-5379

Kan-irag Hotel
F.Ramos Street, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 253-1151
Fax: (6332) 253 6935

La Casita
144 Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 255-3698

La Guardia International Hotel
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: (63-32) 416-7889, 416-7881, 416-7787, 416-7788

LC Pension
R. Landon Extension, Cebu City

Maanyag Pension House
Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City
Phone: (63-32) 232-8521
Fax: (6332) 232-8522

Mango Park Hotel
General Maxilom Ave., Cebu City
Phone: (032) 233-1511 up to 14
Sales: local 7 / (032) 233 – 5679
Admin: (034) 412 – 7005 – 06
Fax: (032) 233-5695

Mayflower Pension House
East Capitol Site, Cebu City
Phone: (032) 255-2800, 255-2700, 255-7387

Metropolis Court Hotel
V. Rama Ave. Cebu City
Phone: (63-32) 255-7541 to 48
Fax: (63-32) 231-5060

Montebello Villa Hotel
Banilad, Cebu City
Phone: 5190325 / 5532282
Fax: 5532282

Myra’s Pension
#12 Corner Escario and Acacia Sts., Lahug, Cebu City
Phone: (63-32) 231-5557
Fax: +63-32-234-2639

NS Royal Pensione
Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City
Phone: +6332 2545358
Fax: +6332 2551556

Pacific Pensionne
Osmenia Boulevard, Cebu City
Phone: +(63) (32) 253-5271 , 254-9216, 412-5707. 412-5708
Reservation hotline: 2579163
Fax: +6332 255-3290

Pacific Tourist Inn
V. Gullas cor. Balintawak St., Cebu City
Phone: (63 32) 256 2796 / 253 2151 to 57
Fax: (63 32) 254 5674

Palladium Suites
6 Don Julio Llorente Street, Cebu City
Phone: +63-32-255-1780

Paragon Suites
91 Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City
Phone: (032) 254-8752 / 253-4788
Mobile: 0917-725-6384
Fax: (032) 412-6844

Park Place Hotel
Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Pensionne La Florentina
18 Acacia St., Lahug, Cebu City

Q5 Hotel
Cebu City, Cebu

Rajah Park Hotel
Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City

Regal Business Park Hotel
Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City

Residencia Ramos
301 F. Ramos Street Cebu City

Richmond Plaza Hotel
F. Sotto Drive, Gorordo Ave., Cebu City

Ruftan Pension House
Cor. Legaspi & Manalili St., Cebu City

Sarrosa International Hotel and Residencial Suites
F. Sotto Drive, Gorordo Ave., Cebu City

Shamrock Pension House
Fuente Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Sofhia Suites Residences
Villa Alvarez, Montebello Court, Banilad, Cebu City

St. Moritz Hotel
Gorordo Ave., Lahug, Cebu City

Summit Circle
Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City
Phone: 253-9711

The Apartelle
Cebu Capitol Commercial Complex, N. Escario St., Cebu City

Tonros Apartelle
Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

Travel Lodge
Cebu City, Cebu

Vacation Hotels Corp. Cebu
No. 35 Juana Osmeña Cor. Jose Avila Sts., Cebu City

Velmont Hotel
Cebu City, Cebu

Verbena Pension House
Don Gil Garcia Street, Cebu City

Verbena Pension
Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City

Villa de Mercedes Pension House
Orchid, Cebu City

Villa Inez Pension House
Andres Abellana St., cor. Bacayo,Cebu City

Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City

Wayne’s Inn
A.S. Fortuna St., cor. Banilad, Cebu City

West Gorordo Hotel
110 Gorordo Ave., Cebu City

Westpoint Inn
297 Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City

51 Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City

Europa Mansionette Inn
M.L. Quezon Ave., Cabancalan, Mandaue City, Cebu

Nikkei Garden Business Hotel
Hernan Cortes Street, Subangdaku, Mandaue City

Maria’s Pension
ML Quezon Street, Maguikay, Mandaue City

D’ Ancestors Pension
C. Perez Building, P. Burgos St., Mandaue City

Golden Royal Pension House
A.Del Rosario Street, Mandaue City

Cebu Hotel Elizabeth Anniversary

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu Turns 1

This is the third hotel I have visited this month so my mind is still very fresh in terms of reviewing and writing about hotels here in Cebu. This time, we got the chance to tour around the rooms with its amenities. They just celebrated their anniversary and we were invited to celebrate and have a tour around their rooms.

First we went to their most expensive Executive Penthouse Suite which roughly cost 13k 0_o , really cozy place with almost perfect amenities , state of the art and clean comfort rooms comparable to 5 Star Hotel.

Then we went to their Penthouse Suite, Executive Suite and Deluxe Rooms. Also like the theme of their rooms which has the mediterranean style setting. Though it is kinda expensive (personally lol ), the service is really very good for a new hotel. The location is also very ideal for those who want to be at the heart of the city, just a few meters away from Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park and also from my workplace :) . The staff are also very accomodating and our tour guide XD did a great job in showing and elaborating us each rooms.

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Cebu Sugbutel Bed and Bath Executive Class

Cebu Bloggers Society has been invited to an event for the launching of Sugbutel Bed and Bath Executive class. I went there with other fellow bloggers, its amazing how certain event can gather lots of people from different field areas, most of the guest are obviously from media sectors. My impression of their place is a nice and cozy one, the location is just a few walks away from Pier 4 and Pier 5 here in Cebu City, so it is perfect for travelers who want to have a place to stay right away after travel. The price is also not that high compared to other hotels.

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