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Anime Talk

This is a more less serious or supposedly nonsense post, though it is kinda childish somehow, but I am really in a mood to post something light. Yes , I have been busy this past…

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Giving Up

Is it worth it?, I’m just talking about of giving up into some activity or work. It is more on releasing something or someone you value. I just think that sometimes it is easier to…

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Mind over Body

Yes, still nothing to say or rather post something useful, just staring at the monitor thinking what to post, my mind is so filled with ideas (blank ideas that is), maybe that is the result…

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So Far So Good

If it weren’t for a blogger’s post about her expired domain, I wouldn’t also be able to remind myself that this domain will expire tomorrow.. I am now relieved that I was able to renew…

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Mindset… tough.. weak …null

As if there will be no ending to each possibilities that can happen in our lives.. though confused to what it seems the reality which can be difficult to understand yet stubborn enough to accept…

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Update…. I think

Yah, its all messed up, its all f$%#ing messed up… as you can see, this blog is a mess (as it already is). The files, databases, etc are messed up (did I say messed up…

Cebu Blog Camp 2010

Prelude:  ” I’m joining Cebu Blog Camp 2010″ Yah, I have been busy lately which is really a common excuse for me or anyone not update his/her blog, though this blog may seem inactive. For…

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Why do you need a custom wordpress

Now you installed your blog, what next? When you visit your blog first time, you might get upset by it’s look. It’s true that picture says thousands word, that line is well fit for your…

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Belated Happy Birthday

Another complete revolution of this planet that reminds me that another year has been added in my age of existence in this unpredictable and complex place called earth. In short ” Happy Birdthay ” earthling..haha…..

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April Madness

Better call it that way, just wiping away the dust and some debris from this “taken for granted” blog…… believe me, I like this blog and tried to maintain it the best that I can,…


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