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Random Work Thoughts

Every news I have heard in the television especially in the foreign media are about the economic crisis that is happening and continue job losses in every corner of the world. I know I am…

Plan to transfer to a Hosting Service

I have been blogging for a long time now, thought I have been using free blogging services, I have been thinking of getting my own domain name and a hosting service where I can put…

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Long Christmas Vacation

Tis the season to make out for the long holiday we have here. There is so many things I wanna do before the year ends, lets see… organize my things cds, books, files, online files,…

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Christmas Season For A Programmer

Tis the season for all people out there, sharing all the joy, love and gifts (so true) for its Christmas Season again. Let me see, I’ve been struggling with updating my blog because of buzy…

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Writing this Blog at 2 am

Just nothing, I’ve been wondering why am I doing certain things in life, I mean knowing what I want in life is really an issue recently. Knowing how unpredictable life can be these days, life…

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I’m Still Alive

This is the first time I haven’t updated my blog, though so much things have happened since I last posted some useful posts. Life has been very busy for me especially at work. Many things…

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Eggs From China Contains Melamine

The latest news about melamine is that even eggs coming from China contains the substance melamine. its not melanine, melanin, melamin, its melamine. The substance has been a high regard since the milk scandal started….


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