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Religious in the midst of crisis

In this time of crisis we tend rely on religious beliefs and actions, it has been tough these days and people just want someone who can help them not only financially but spiritually, there are…

Anime Lover

Since I was a kid, I am a very big fan of anime, the way they are created and conceptualize amazes not only the young ones but to almost all ages, it never gets tired…

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How To Get SSS ID (Cebu Office)

I went to SSS Main Office yesterday to for the SSS ID Capture (even it was holiday) in the SSS main office. Our company was scheduled at that time with the other companies. It was…

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Christmas holidays in July

Christmas is the the time where families gathered in their homes to celebrate, children receiving gifts from their love ones and the season of giving of course. Many people return to their love ones. Colorful…

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Not Active Again

I really have a hard time updating this blog, just as I have the momentum to write, I get to get busy with different things. These past days have been ..hmmm lets just say, peaceful….

Happy Friday the 13th

Before people can enjoy celebrate the valentines day, there is the day where many of us find it the unlucky and scary day for us. Though many of us (including me) dont believe this kind…

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Fine Art

Since I was a child, I always love drawing.When I was in elementary, everything our teacher assigned as to draw something. I got excited and start to draw immediately even before the instructions are complete….

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Valentines Countdown

Its been an ordinary day at work, facing the monitor, writing codes, thinking ways and solutions. Learning new technologies and getting paid for that of course. Things have been very busy these days. Nah, I…

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Random Work Thoughts

Every news I have heard in the television especially in the foreign media are about the economic crisis that is happening and continue job losses in every corner of the world. I know I am…

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