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Scott Sellers is a musician, singer and music producer from Rancho Cucamonga, California. He was born on September 5th, 1982 and started his music career with Rufio at 17-18, approximately.
Well, beside the insane fast beats, I’ve always been a lover of two things on skatepunk, basically: great vocal melodies and good technical performance on music.
All Scott’s projects have both features and many more to offer! It’s the perfect mix between the catchiness of pop punk vocals/lyrics and the shredness of heavy metal strings. His music is emotive, honest and full of energy.
That’s why I felt encouraged to review his entire musical career (known to date), through this post. So, here we go!

πŸ’₯ Rufio

Rufio is by far, the most well-known music act of Sellers. There’s a bunch of Rufio’s bios on the web, so I prefer giving you the original version, exactly as was on (now dead) Rufio’s website, back in 2001.

Once upon a time, there was 2 guys that were sick of sitting at home, wishing they were in a band. A good band at that. One of them said “Hey, lets try some people out to play drums for us.” The other one said “we should huh!?” so they went out on a long journey, to find the missing piece of the pie. They tried and treid, but no one could cut it! Just when they thought there was no hope, one of them said “Mike is the best in the town! I wonder if he will play with us for a while!” The next day, the 2 little boys went to micheals house. “hey mike, wanna play with us for a while”…mike thought for a moment and said “Sure, ill play for a while” so with that, it all began. “The Band” practiced and practiced, but still, something was missing. “I think we need a lead guitar player” said the 3 little boys. So again, they went on a quest to find a lead guitarist. Finally after searching and searching, they found gool ol’ Clark! Clark was the hessian metal-head who turned on his race!(the metal-heads) finally “the band” was a band! Then one day, another little boy came along and said “you should be called RUFIO”…the 4 little boys agreed that RUFIO was the name they have been searching for….so they became a band yatta yatta enough with the story bull…i was just bored i guess…boredom ey?

πŸ‘‰ Line-up evolution

Scott Sellers – Vocals/Guitar (2000-2015)
Clark Domae – Guitar (2000-2006 / 2010-2012 / 2015)
Jon Berry – Bass (2000-2006)
Mike Jimnez – Drums (2000-2006 / 2015)

Jeremy Binion – Guitar (2007)
Nathan Walker – Drums (2007)
Terry Stirling Jr. – Drums (2010- 2012)
Taylor Albaugh – Bass (2010-2012 / 2015)

Rufio was active since 2000, till they disbanded for the first time, between 2006-2007. With new bassist and drummer, they were back together in 2010, until their definitive break up, in July, 2012. After that, the band only played a reunion show on June 20, 2015 at the Montebello Amnesia Rockfest in Canada.

πŸ‘‰ Extended discography

Rufio – Demo (2000) – V0 (CD-Rip)
Self-released 5-song demo. All of these songs were re-recorded for their debut album.
Rufio – Perhaps, I Suppose… (Japanese Edition) (2003) [2001] – V0 (CD-Rip)
This version was published by japanese label BigMouth JPN, two years after the original release date. It features an acoustic version of “In My Eyes”, as a bonus track.
Rufio – Rufio. EP. (2003) – V0 (CD-Rip)
One exclusive song on this EP, “Don’t Hate Me”. The other two, appears on “1985” album.
Rufio – MCMLXXXV (2003) – V0 (CD-Rip)
There’s a Brazilian pressing of this one, via Rock Machine Records. No bonus tracks. There’s a music video for the song “White Lights”.
Rufio – The Comfort Of Home (2005) – V0 (CD-Rip)
No additional pressings of this album. There’s a music video for the opening song, “Out Of Control”.
Rufio & Over It – Split 7″ (2007) – 320
All of those 7″ vinyl were sold only at their 2007 farewell show at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. Unique pressing (500 pressed). Btw, Over It song, “The Mirror Lies” is missing.
Rufio – The Loneliest EP (2010) – 320
Digital EP released some months before their last album.
Rufio – Anybody Out There (Japanese Edition) (2010) – V0 (CD-Rip)
This edition was released by japanese label Inya Face Records. It includes acoustic versions of “All That Lasts” and “The Loneliest”, as bonus tracks.
Rufio β€Ž- Above Me / Road To Recovery (Original Demo Version) 7″ (2012) – 320
These two are the same versions of 2000 demo. Released on 7″ black vinyl for fist time ever! Co-edited by The Militia Group and Company Ink.
Rufio (Punk Goes) – 320
Rufio participated in 3 compilations of the “Punk Goes” series.
β€’ “Like A Prayer”, originally by Madonna. – Punk Goes Pop (2002).
β€’ Acoustic version of their song “Over It”. – Punk Goes Acoustic (2003).
β€’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, originally by Simple Minds. – Punk Goes 80’s (2005).

πŸ‘‰ Previous, following and side projects

Before being part of Rufio, Jon Berry was the former bassist of melodic punk band, Sick Of Change. He only played with them on their demo and 1999 album, “In Our Time Of Need”. After leaving Rufio, Berry became part of  power pop act, Runner Runner.
Since Mike Jimenez left Rufio, citing creative differences, he joins to an indie rock band, called Science Fiction Theater.
On the other hand, Sellers and Clark Domae started a new band, called BigCity (the one in the photo). According to MySpace, BigCity released an EP or album, titled “The Quest For Power” in 2008. Sadly, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web. I don’t even know what genre they used to play…

πŸ’₯ Mercy Street

After Rufio’s final breaking up, in 2012; Sellers kept jamming out along with Rufio’s latest bassist, Taylor Albaugh, so they created a new project, called Mercy Street.
The band released their debut EP during the same year, and two years later, in 2014, their only full-length album, titled “Let Me Live”. Amazing songwriting and a very Rufio-esque sound on both releases.

Mercy Street – Mercy Street EP (2012) – V0 (Bandcamp)
Mercy Street – Let Me Live (2014) – V0 (Bandcamp)
No physical editions of these two releases.

πŸ’₯ Scott Sellers

Well, I don’t know exactly when Scott started working out on his solo project. Around 2011-2012, maybe?
If there’s something that I admire about Sellers, that’s his huge creativity, it’s such he’s always writing new songs and surprising us with great stuff. As happened in 2018, year which our boy delighted us with 3 albums as a solo artist, in the same year.
He stays unstoppable this 2019. He’s already released an album, titled “Being Strange” last February, and he’s currently working on a new record. Keep it up, Scotty!

Scott Sellers – Garage Sessions (2012) – V0 (Bandcamp)
This 5-song demo was up for free download on Scott’s Bandcamp page. For some reason, it was deleted a couple years ago.
Scott Sellers – The Judge (2018) – V0 (Bandcamp)
Self-released on 12″ vinyl by Scott (107 pressed).
Scott Sellers – The Jitters (2018) – V0 (Bandcamp)
Released only digitally.
Scott Sellers – Strings (2018) – V0 (Bandcamp)
Released only digitally.
Scott Sellers – Being Strange (2019) – 320
Latest Sellers’ record. Released on CD via Punk & Disorderly Records and on 12″ vinyl via Orange Whip Records (250 pressed).
Scott Sellers – Soundcloud Demos (Unofficial) (2013-2018) – 128
These 19 demo songs, were shared one by one during 5 years, on Scott’s Soundcloud profile. Many of these songs were re-recorded and used on Sellers’ 2018 albums. Once Scott released “The Judge”, all demo songs were deleted, then he started uploading only official versions.

Scott Sellers – Facebook Demos (Unofficial) (2019) – 256
These 11 demo tracks, were shared one by one on Scott’s personal Facebook profile (as videos) during this year. There are 2 covers, one for MxPx’s “Your Problem My Emergency ” and other one for NUFAN’s “Life Size Mirror”. The leftover 9 songs, remains un-named to date. It’s very probable that several of them be re-recorded and used on future Sellers’ works.
Scott Sellers (Guest Vocals) – 320
Scott featured vocals collaborations for some Skatepunk / Pop Punk acts, around the world.
β€’ “Tiempo De Volver” for Ecuatorian melodic punk band, Billy Meier. – Tiempo De Volver EP (2012).
β€’ “When We Were Young” for Dutch pop punk act, The Lost Boys Club. – So Far So Good (2013).
β€’ “No Regrets” for Russian tech-skatepunk band, Void Zero Mess. – For People Who I’ll Never Forget (2013).

P.S. If you’re one of the 500 people who owns “Rufio & Over It – Split” and you could provide a high quality vinyl-rip, please contact me. Thanks!
– Mario.

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