Relationships Aren’t Bad as You Think

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Life is full of excitement. There are a lot of things that is a dream for many. Out of them, some dreams are common to almost all. Yes! You caught me right. Relationship! Relationships are fun. Colleges now are just not about studies; it’s more of exploring yourself, your emotional need. People are open to the relationship now a day.


Having a partner that would be their emotional and mental support is a real pleasure to one’s mind. Relationships don’t require any prerequisites. All you need is to be a little understanding and more love. Love is like a drug to many. Some can’t stay away from it. Not being in a relationship is like a curse. Even if you are comfortable with it; among peers, it gives the thought that you are not appealing enough and hence you are rejected. It becomes a shameful thing if you are not committed.

What the reason for commitments?


People get into relationships because of varieties of reasons. For some, it becomes a way to go away from their stretched life. Family problems become a reason for their excessive commitment to their partners. They don’t get the amount of love they deserve and hence they tend to seek that love from their partners. Relationships serve as an escape route to the harsh reality that becomes difficult to handle for most people. Life many times slams you hard. It’s the love of our partners why we hold on. Else there are people who attempt to end their life because of the same.

Human has always been an admirer of beauties. Many urges to be with the best looking guy/girl. In colleges too relationship becomes a topic of discussion among student who had been with the hottest girl or hottest guy of the college. That is why many to get in relationships. These results to a single person getting committed with several people in search of that one person who can make them feel safe. People if take relationship the right way then there are some long-term benefits for it.

Benefits of relationship


People fear to get committed because of commitment they have to make. They don’t feel free it in. the fights and complications make them step back. But everything has a negative aspect. It’s agreeable that all relationships have their issues. Fights, complications, frustration, love, care are the cuisine of the same plate. It’s the complete combo packs that make the relationship worthy to last. Relationships if taken on the positive side then its make your health healthy with some benefits:

Emotional support:

Long-term relationships contribute more than love in a relationship. The support a partner bestows on you could be remarkable. A person you can go to whenever you are emotionally down. That one person can lift up your mood in a go. Their touches are enough to bring you to life. Physiological health is greatly improved because of feeling that you do have a person to get loved and cared for. This support makes you determined to give up your bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and losing your weight. This task becomes a huge deal to overcome with the emotional support of a love in your life.

It is easier for women to turn up to people for this support but for men, it becomes a great deal to find someone new to get so comfortable to get this support. While it is easier for women but they are more likely to get fake relationships more than men. So if you get that emotional support from a person you know is the best for you, don’t let them go by any mean. That sense of security and permanent bond will provide you with a permanent soft place to fall when in crisis.

Stress reliever


People have that conception that relationship causes stress. But to talk about facts healthy relationships are the medicine to it. A healthy relationship can take you far away from the stress of family, jobs, and health problems. A stressed life can cause health problems such as insulin regulation, coronary arteries and may also affect the immune system. Stress can make your social life hell. Stress makes us do the thing that we don’t intend. We shout at innocent, be rude to the ones we love. Some of these actions can lead to serious problems in our personal as well our professional life. Getting loved, that kisses and touches are enough to remove that year-long stress. You might think that hookup if a great stress reliever and if you are from Cleveland then you might have had hookups. Hookups in Cleveland are an easy nut to crack but this would risk your healthy relationships.

A better life


Relationships turn one to be a better person. Two brains are better than one. While making some crucial decision your love partner can assist you with the decision. Maybe they had a better idea for you. Taking advice can be beneficial. A good partner can transform your bad habits, transforming into a whole new healthy person. The relationship can make you healthier as it gives the liberty to share your tension and fear with your partners.

Mental stress can have a severe effect on one’s health. The body starts degrading because of it. Discussing the mental stress with your partner can help to restore the health and would make you happier. Happiness is the key to healthy health and life. The memories you share will a treasure to cherish forever. It’s the memory you can peek and smile again when life gives you a tough time. It gives you a reason to smile again.


Getting in a relationship with an elderly or matured person can help you in many aspects of your life, may it be getting you emotionally strong, perfecting your life decisions, being a backbone to you. Everyone wants to be understood, and getting that person who understands is the best thing that could happen to you. If you have not yet been in a relationship then it’s a thing you should consider. If not getting a date is the issue because of you introvert or shy nature then you could try social media to get in contact. These have become quite popular in the quest for a genuine relationship. It’s not tough to fall in love in cities like New York, Westfield, Cleveland, California etc. All you need is listening to your heart for the perfect person. These sites serve as a platform to connect with seekers of love.

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