These are The Top 5 List of Cellphones With The Highest Radiation. Check if your Phone Is on The List.

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Modern technology today becomes the center of attraction for many people, especially to urban areas. Cell phones are one of the booming technology today that most people want to have.It has many advantages and uses to human’s life.

You can use a cell phone anywhere because it is handy and you can keep it in your pocket. A cell phone is the top source of communication today, thus, it can use in the office, school, business and even in your house.

Through cell phones, you can talk and communicate with your loved ones even if they are in a distant or in the other countries. With the use of your cell phone, you can also keep your update on the latest news by browsing on the social media. You can also find new friends through Facebook with the use of your phones.

But aside from its advantages cell phones has also numerous negative effect on your health. Due to its radiation cell phone can damage your health and can cause different health problems. You can avoid the damage from radiation if you follow this piece of advice.

How to Avoid Exposure to Radiation?
You can avoid the harmful effects of your cell phone if you use it properly. Practice this habit on how to properly use your cell phone to prevent any circumstances to happen. If you have a call, try not to put your cell phone near your ears, you can use headset or loudspeaker when talking.

Don’t keep your cell phones near your body, turn off if not in use or you can switch it to airplane mode. By doing this you can protect yourself to the harmful effects of radiation due to the use of your cell phones.

All cell phones must be undergone for a Specific Absorption rate test. To test the radiation rate of the cell phones that can be absorbed by the human body. According to some technologies specialist, every SAR of cell phones should not be exceeded to 1.6 watts per kilogram of human’s weight.

Now we will show you the cell phone model which has the higher radiation rate according to Donald bell an editor on CNET.

 Here check if your cell phones are on the list.

Top 5 Cell Phones With The Highest Radiation

Top 5 – Huawei Vitria, (1.49 SAR)

Top 4 – Alcatel One Touch Evolve, (1.49 SAR)

Top 3- Motorola Moto E, (1.5 SAR)

Top 2 – Motorola Droid Ultra, (1.54 SAR)

Top 1 – Motorola Droid Maxx, (1.54 SAR)

Source: Alldamoney

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