Krizette Chu lambasted Soc Villegas: “You are a very bad, ineffective priest”

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One of the governing precepts in the Phlippines, or in any republic for that matter, is the separation of the state and the church. There is an unwritten construct that prohibits the two from interfering into each other’s affairs. The church must refrain from politicizing its Catholic doctrine in the same way that politics is discouraged to integrate religion in its propaganda.

Yet for a long period of time now, the Catholic church through its leaders, had freely intervened with the affairs of state explicitly manifesting their blasphemous political inclination and biases.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a well-known writer and a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, expressed the same sentiments in her recently published Facebook post. Slamming the Catholic Church particularly Archbishop Socrates Villegas of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

Chu’s criticisms was triggered by Villegas’ remark during a certain rally spearheaded and organized by the above-mentioned religious laity. 

“Kapag hindi natin tinigil ang patayan, may sumpang parusa ang bayang pumapatay sa sariling kababayan.” Villegas stated.

Angered by Villegas’ unjustified claim and groundless presumptions, Chu slammed Villegas. The well-known writer described Villegas to be the real-life version of Padre Damaso-a vile and hypocritic friar in one of Rizal’s novels.

“Pesteng Villegas to….Para malaman mo Padre Damaso, ikaw ang sumpa para sa mga Katolikong nanglamig sa pananampalataya kasi ayaw marinig ang ka hipokritohan mo. Dahil sayo, maraming lumayo sa simbahan para di na magkasala habang pinkakikinggan ang mga kasinungalingan ninyo at pag kampi sa mga totoong demonyo na siyang nagsumpa sa Pilipinas noon pa man!” Chu initially stated.

The writer also claimed that it was actually the ilk of Villegas in the Catholic system that causes chaos and distrust among the people.

“Kayo ang sumisira sa simbahan at sumumpa sa bayan dahil alam naming Corrupt, Kunsintidor, Sipsip, Nagbubulag Bulagan, Nagbibingi Bingihan, at SAKIM ang karamihan sa inyo….Sinumpa ng kakitiran ng isip ninyo ang mga kababaihang hindi mabigyan ng proteksyon dahil ayaw ninyo ng family planning at divorce. Sinumpa ninyo ang mga kabataang lalaki sa kahirapan dahil mapagmalinis kayo.” Chu asserted pointing out some of significant failures and shortcomings of the religious body.

Furthering her speculations and criticisms towards the clergyman, Chu wrote assertively:

“Matagal nang nararamdaman ng Pilipinas ang sumpang sinasabi mo. Ikaw lang ang nasarapan sa buhay mo….Leche. IKAW ang sumpa….You led your people astray….You chose to politicize rather than bring peace…You chose to condemn rather be inclusive.”

Conclusively, Chu nitpicked on the ineffectiveness of the catholic leader. She acknowledged how Villegas, for over a long period of time managed to “turn a blind eye” on the sins and blunders of some of the members of the revered clergy.

“And yet you turn a blind eye towards the sins of your own, and you allow yourself to be a divisive figure. You use Catholicism to further divide this country. You are the antithesis of Jesus Christ.” Chu noted warily.

“Soc Villegas, YOU ARE A VERY BAD, INEFFECTIVE PRIEST. I hope God fires you ASAP” she ended.

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