DLSU Professor slams President Duterte’s critics: “I wish creativity and ingenuity were for sale”

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The undying issue on extra-judicial killings has long been one of the major attacks fired by the opposition against president Rodrigo Duterte. Yet, for a long time already no one was able to provide sufficient evidence on this matter, just words and hearsays which, constitutionally speaking, does not grant them or any anti-Duterte critic for that matter, the legal opportunity to oust the sitting president.

One distinguished critic who shares the same sentiment was Van Ybiernas, a prominent historian and an avid supoorter of the President. In his recently published Facebook post, Ybiernas nitpicked on the issue of EJK criticizing those who have been hating the president yet are lacking sufficient proof to establish such claims.

“Of course, in order to fight something real and not imagined, they must prove that EJK exists in the first place…Deaths at the hands of the authorities do not, by itself, constitute evidence of EJK…To prove EJK, one must show that the killings have the imprimatur of the state.” Ybiernas initiated.

“Naturally, these people do not have evidence, otherwise they would have brought them out already. What they do have are some poorly-worded speeches and statements from the president.” He added.

After establishing the lack of justification on the side of the opposition, Ybiernas presumed that perhaps the goal of the opposition is totopple down Duterte through unconstitutional means.

“In the end, the president’s critics —among them lawyers against EJK— simply wish to bring the president down, outside of the constitutional processes.” the historian claimed.

If in case this preumption happens, Ybiernas affirmed that Duterte, who has long conformed to the mandate of the Constitution will be forced to enforce unconstitutional measures consequently. If so, Ybiernas claimed that he will be willing to support the President.

“If this wish is acted upon, through whatever extra-constitutional means, then the president —in the midst of such extra-constitutional action— could simply stage a coup himself and dissolve the government, and I (who, under normal circumstances, would be against the dissolution of the government) will support it.”

“I guess, so will millions of other Filipinos.” he added assertively.

Also in his post, Ybiernas added a significant piece of advice to the desperate opposition. Describing his advice as “something to chew on for those (anti-administration critics) with evil plans”, Ybiernas stated:

“If I were part of the opposition, the logical thing to do would be to wait it out until 2022, and then attack the president in one fell swoop with all the ammunition against him. Such was successfully done against Noynoy Aquino in 2016.”

“As opposed to the unrelenting moves against the president, which only fuels the people’s anger, enough for them to support him in whatever moves he may wish to take against the enemies of the state, including extra-constitutional ones.” Ybiernas added.

Conclusively, Ybiernas sarcastically implied that the opposition lacks “creativity” and ” ingenuity”. As how he put it on his post:

“I wish creativity and ingenuity were for sale, I’d buy some and gift the lazy and unimaginative opposition large quantities of it.” Ybiernas ended.

Source: Van Ybiernas
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