British citizen’s open letter to BBC: “I don’t believe it was appropriate to have given undue exclusivity to the Pinoy Ako Blog”

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Jover Laurio, the person behind the controversial Pinoy Ako Blog was recently invited by the BBC, an international broadcasting company, to share some of her thoughts regarding the socio-political crisis she had delved herself into. That is after, her identity was revealed which inevitably paved a way for a robust flow of criticisms and speculations to her job and personal life.

Reacting to the seemingly discriminative initiative of the BBC to air the side of the allegedly “oppressed” PAB blogger was Malcolm Conlan, a British national and a TV License payer.

In his recently published Facebook post, Conlan wrote a letter addresses to the BBC management regarding the lack of response and acknowledgement by the TV network to his recently filed complaint. 

Conlan’s complaint respectfully calls for the BBC to uphold fairness and objectivity by airing the side, not only of Laurio’s, but also the side of the pro-Duterte blogging community. 

Conlan’s letter of appeal reads:

To: BBC Complaints, 

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you following the email which  you sent me following my complaint to the BBC sent on 14th October 2017. 

Having gone to the time and trouble of organising a protest outside the BBC Broadcasting House and setting up a petition against BBC bias which gained 21,000 signatures, I am very surprised that neither of them had been officially responded to by you. 

I even personally emailed the Director General, Tony Hall, again there was no acknowledgment. 

As I stated in my previous email, I would have expected the BBC to have also interviewed a Pro-Duterte blogger in the interests of fairness. 

I don’t believe it was appropriate to have given undue, exclusivity to the Pinoy Ako Blog, who’s website insulted politicians, Bloggers and supporters of the President. 

I pay my TV Licence, in the hope that I will be presented with the whole story, delivered in an impartial manner, not just a one sided, biased account full of lies and deceit. 

I would expect at the very least that you acknowledge the efforts of those who signed the petition and attended our subsequent protest, not to just totally ignore our right to protest and expect a response. 

Thank you. Your failure to respond within 20 working days will leave me with no choice but to take up my concerns with OfCom. 

Malcolm Conlan
British National and TV Licence payer

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