ASEAN 2017: President Duterte earns the respect and commendation of other national leaders

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One of President Rodrigo Duterte’s prominent characteristic as a Filipino leader is his firmness and boldness to his advocacies and campaign. Equipped with such fervor and commitment to public service, President Duterte has constantly sustained the trust and approval of his people. More importantly, the ever-dedicate president was able to earn the respect and admiration of other political leaders be it in Asia or in other regions of the world.

The same idea is encapsulated in one of the recently published posts by former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs under Ramos administration Mr. Jose Alejandrino, who is also a prominent journalist and former General Manager at the Manila Chronicles. In his post, Alejandrino expressed words of commendation to the president for his successful resolve to some of the major issues afflicting the Philippines.
Such accomplishments during the initial years of his term, as how Alejandrino sees it, is the reason why various leaders including USA President Donald Trump commended the Philippine president.
“Trump in previous phone calls to Duterte congratulated him on his war against illegal drugs and his success against the terrorists in Marawi. The pictures tell the whole story (referring to two photos showing Trump and Duterte conversing in full smiles).” Alejandrino stated.
“But not only Trump, China’s Jinping, Japan’s Abe and Russia’s Putin all respect Duterte,” he added.
Exemplifying President Duterte from the rest of his predecessors, Alejandrino wrote elaborately:

“No Philippine president has been able to gain so much respect because Duterte does not have a colonial hangup and is known to be a firm leader. As I said, if you want to be respected on the world scene, you musn’t be a sissy or a lapdog.”

“The Philippines’ main asset is its strategic location in SE Asia. The regional powers and our ASEAN neighbors don’t want a destabilized Philippines. That is why the US, China, and Russia did not hesitate to assist Duterte by offering arms to fight terrorism.” 
Conclusively, Alejandrino acknowledged the “destabilization” initiatives of some of the major proponents of the opposition. Claiming that these administrative adversaries do not matter and has blatantly fallen short in terms of “intelligence” and “wit”, Alejandrino called for the exercise of Filipinos’ revolutionary power as a tool to achieve nation’s goal for unity and development.

“Those plotting against Duterte don’t understand the dynamics of international politics. Robredo? Trillanes? The LP? Who cares about them? They have been marginalized by their own stupidity. They are legends in their own mind. Step 2. Rev powers. Let’s finish the job.” Alejandrino concluded.

Source: Jose Alejandrino 
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