2017 ASEAN Summit: A milestone every Filipino should be proud of

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a geo-politically defined union of countries originally in Southeast Asia but has now encompassed and influenced other foreign nations like Russia, Japan, China, and Canada. This ASEAN expansion, as how UST alum Mark Lopez put it on his recently published Facebook post, should significantly be credited to the ever-effective President Rodrigo Duterte. 

“In an ideal world, this on going ASEAN Summit would have been considered as ground breaking, game changing and paradigm shifting, what with the participation of even the US, Russia, China, Japan and Canada,” Lopez stated.

Pointing out that significant milestone in ASEAN history was achieved through Duterte’s effort and effective leadership, Lopez affirmed that Philippines has finally proven its worth in the global sphere.

“And this is mainly due to how Rodrigo Duterte has deftly pivoted to pursue an independent foreign policy and likewise assert our country’s strategic importance and impact….There are so many positive take aways that can be highlighted from this momentous occasion, particularly how the Philippines has now emerged as a prominent voice not just in ASEAN but in the world stage,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Lopez cautioned that albeit this success, mainstream media both local and international, had been so blatant in showing off their ‘adversarial’ tendencies. That is, mainstream media prejudicially caters insignificant and irrelevant issues rather than highlighting the positive ones thereby deceiving the public.

“On the other hand, it is quite unfortunate that because mainstream media, international and local, has chosen to become adversarial, the more important issues and achievements of this summit are being buried under a spate of negativity and emphasis on the mundane and the distracting sidelights,” Lopez added.

Worse, Lopez stated that the culprit behind this so-called “downplaying” of the significance of the 2017 ASEAN Summit is no other than our fellow Filipino themselves particularly referring to the proponents of the opposition. 

“There is indeed a deliberate attempt to downplay the significance of this summit, and reduce its impact to the point of embarrassment for us Filipinos…And sadder that it is being undertaken by our own fellow men, they who really can’t accept that we rejected them and that their time in power is over.” Lopez stated.

Lopez then urged his fellowmen to be vigilant and discerning when it comes to the manipulative propagandas enforce by the media. 

“So let’s no longer belabor the obvious, but let us also be very vigilant and discerning.” he said.

Asserting that this 2017 ASEAN Summit is a triumph for each and every Filipino, Lopez expressed his Allison for the entire Filipino citizenry to be united with the government for it, in no time, could lead this country to success and prominence.

“This is a time to be a very proud Filipino, and to stand side by side with our leadership in showcasing the world what we really stand for and what we desire to be in our place in the global community…Go Team Pilipinas” Lopez ended.

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