President Duterte tours Australian navy ship, reiterates full support to allies

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On October 10, Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte visited the largest ship of the Royal Australian Navy and reiterated the Philippines’s support to its allies.

As part of the regional deployment by the Australian Defense Force to strengthen ties within the region, the president was given a tour of the landing helicopter dock ship HMAS Adelaide that was anchored at the port of Manila.

The president also gave his welcoming remarks to the officials and crew of the navy ship.

“I’d like to welcome you officially to the Philippines. And we’re happy that you found time to visit us,” President Duterte said.

“It’s good to raise our awareness actually now. And it would be also to our advantage if you just go around showing solidarity with the rest of the world. Not only because we face so many challenges and threats, but the small guy there in North Korea is playing with dangerous weapons,” he said, briefing them with the current tension in the Korean Peninsula, which the president hopes to subside soon.

“So I hope that in the coming days, we should stay together, especially the alliance between us, Philippines, America, and even China,” he said.

“It’s just a neighbor of China. And any distraction using nuclear bombs, nuclear arms, would destroy Southeast Asia immediately. And the Philippines is no exception,” the president also added.

He also highlighted his support to Australia and to other Philippine allies.

“And that is why we reiterate our full support with our Australian friends, Americans, and even Chinese, Malaysian, all, to show to this one guy that he has to stop threatening the world. Because he runs the risk of being destroyed first,” he said.

Source: PCOO

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