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They say that the best lechon are here in Cebu, and I am very privileged to be residing here :). In fact I have tasted a lot of lechon from different restaurants and Lechon outlets. All I can say is that all of them are great, but I have encountered one restaurant here in Cebu which also does not only a very delicious Lechon but also a very good ambiance and feel, the Zubuchon.

Zubuchon from the word ‘zubu’ which is the old name of Cebu. They currently have 3 branches here in Cebu (Mango, Escario & Mactan ) and planning to expand in Manila in the near future. Their process for the lechon is really unique and somewhat fun to hear too 🙂 .They say their Pig/Hog is placed in their owned backyard before they are cooked. They feed them 100% vegetables , organic foods, they also feed them chicos for the good taste in their meat and get the fowl smell before cooked. They mentioned to make their pigs happy before they are cooked. They claimed that their ingredients have no MSG, no coloring and no preservatives.

The ingredients or spices inside the lechon are composed of lemon, garlic, onion leaves, rosemary herbs and sea salt.

They don’t use soy sauce in their lechon as to they provide a bitter taste in the cooking process. They also used sea salt instead of iodized or processed salt to preserve the organic process and taste as well, iodized salt gives bitter taste.

The cooking style involves poking the Lechon’s skin or somewhat acupuncture on the skin to make it crispy and also make the juices that come out and comeback to the skin.

Not only they have their delicious lechon. They have the Kamias Shake which is the first time I have tried. Kamias (Iba in bisaya, cucumber tree in English) Small tree growing 5 to 12 meters high and its fruit, green and edible, about 4 cm long. It is common here in the Philippines and mostly just fall off from the tree tops so they decided to make a shake out of it , and it is indeed delicious.

They also have their dugo2x(dinuguan in tagalog) with gata which also tasty and has a unique taste compared to common dinuguan.

They have their own other products as well.

Overall the food is great and they also have other food products to choose. What I like most about the place is not only the Lechon but also the environment, the place is very clean and their employees are regularly employed which can be seen in their service which is topnotch, no wonder they are as happy as their pigs …well ,include that to their customers as well 😀

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