• SumoMe

Seems I have been on a hiatus (again) but in terms of interacting to fellow bloggers both online and offline , I haven’t blog hopped that much for the past week because of the Sinulog Festival and other stuff XD. Also returned few comments and as a result , well, haven’t interacted with other bloggers that much. Though most of my post are well.. events which is becoming a niche of this blog (yes, this is kinda an event blog but a little bit on the personal side meaning I attended the event itself and make a post about it or a sponsored event by invites from different company in promotion of their products and services (a return of all my blogging XD ).

It is getting to be an event blog or something which is kinda obvious, thought I tried to post events (particularly) all of the time, if ever I was in that event, I always tried my best to interact with my readers (if I have any, lol) and also to fellow bloggers especially those who commented even if it is for the sake of increasing backlinks, traffic, bloghopping or even critics, haha.. Nevertheless, it is still a good way to interact other bloggers.

Just wondering how is your blogging life so far?, seems this is one of my random and useless ramblings but who am I to judge my own blogpost ,haha.. Maybe I can get back on track starting this week or maybe getting a bit of momentum of bloghopping, updating blogpost and post interesting and helpful topics (easier said than done). Cheers!