USS Russell (DDG-59) Ship Tour

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I was supposed to post this earlier than planned, but due to unforeseen circumstances I was a bit on a semi hiatus mode :), anyways I can consider this post as one of my favorite events so far. Since the opportunity to aboard a US Navy Destroyer Ship is rare (except when I will join the US Navy 😀 ).

It all started in a three day event which the Americans visited Cebu for the “America in 3D” held at SM City Cebu, and our company (in which I am currently working) is one of the sponsors. And the company selected(raffled) 15 lucky employees in which I didn’t expect to be one of the lucky ones selected :D.

I always wanted to ride a battle ship seeing from those war movies and stuff and the cool weaponry and advance marine technology, so this is like a once in a lifetime chance to aboard such ship and able to experience the battle Navy like environment. 🙂

Right away I prepared my stuff for the tour(I arrived first in the meeting place 😀 ) and my new weapon of choice XD (you guess what?) 😀

Warning: Pic Flooding 😀

USS Russell Navy Destroyer

Water Taxi we rode to the USS Russell

Ship Bridge Controls

Ship radars capable of detecting enemies from afar

Front View with the 5 inch Canon (yes 5 inch canon they say 😀 )

Ship Bridge Controls

Ship Top view with the Water Taxi

It was a very fun and memorable experience indeed, wish I could stay longer but in spite of the hot and humid weather we are still able to enjoy the tour. 😀

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  1. Oh wow! That is so so cool! 🙂 I am afraid with the ocean though, so I doubt I’ll be able to enjoy the experience. 😀

  2. assttiiggg! swerte mo naman nakapunta ka dun… siguro pag ako nandun din mamamangha ako. ang ganda! thanks for sharing pictures! 😀

  3. All I can say is WOW!! I would love to see and ride that ship too! You’re lucky!!

  4. Same here, I’ve always wanted to be on a battle ship.
    And you’re so lucky! You were probably really excited because you got there first. 😀

  5. this is really cooooooooooooooooooooool!!! while you were aboard the ship, was it cruising the waters, or was it just parked at the shore?

  6. Wow! great experience! I wish my fears sa barko will vanish para ma-enjoy ko rin ang pagsakay ng mga ganyan. You’re so lucky!

  7. Oh my gosh. That’s so awesome! I haven’t seen a real thing as well and I wish to do so! But damn, we can’t really just pay for it to be able to have a view of it. It isn’t like what is being done in an amusement park or museum. You’re so lukly!!

  8. Wowww that thing is huge! Such an interesting experience I’m sure 🙂

  9. That’s cool that you got to go on a Navy ship! Congrats on being one of the ones selected! Those pictures are really cool 🙂

  10. that is cool! ships used for battle! i feel like i’m a superhero if ever id be on one. hahaha! 🙂 you’re so lucky!

  11. if i know sisiw rana nila nga ship. knowing U.S diba?ahahah! sayang wala ko nka kita sa america n 3D. lol pero nice ang mga photos 😀

  12. I don’t ever plan to join the navy so any opportunity to board a navy ship is even more rare for me. 🙂 Those pictures are lovely, hopefully you get this same opportunity once again.

  13. Oh wow! I would like to experience that too. Dream come true, huh?

  14. WHAT A VERY COOL EXPERIENCE!!! I want to go inside those ships!

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