Careful in Blogging

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It seems that everytime I logged in to my blog, I almost instantly blank out of blog topics to post. I don’t know if that’s what they call a mental block for blogging or just stress out of all the things happening in my life. Since I have been planning a lot of things to do with this blog and everything, not to mention my work. Just posting a blog topic can be a little tricky. Just because you/we are free to post anything to blogs, we must also consider what topics we post, who visits the blog. It really doesn’t matter if you want to express yourself or to share something. Being in a present state of mind is really important in posting a topic.

You cannot just post anything or everything that might haunt you in the future, for instance, you post all about your work and the details of it. Who knows, your boss or some of your colleagues are reading your blogs or post. And whether we like it or not, they can used this small details against you or might haunt you in the future. Not that I am being paranoid or something but that’s just reality and we have to be aware of it, internet can be a very effective weapon to blackmail to destroy someone.

Writing a blog when your in an emotional roller coaster might be not a very good idea, though I have read some blogs that contains intense expression of feelings, might be anger, sorrow, pain etc. It is still safe just minimize the contents to the extent that you will not pin point or hurt other people in the process. And most importantly, don’t post full names of real person in blogs/post, except when he/she is a celebrity or a public figure. If you are a blog addict or something like that, just remember to post smart maintain the dignity of yourself and your blog.

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