Gerry Peñalosa defeated by Juan Manuel Lopez

I just saw the recent fight between Gerry Peñalosa and the undefeated Juan Manuel Lopez. Looking at the start of the round 1 the aggression of Lopez against Gerry. It’s really sad but true that the Puerto Rican dominated the fight from the start, though Gerry exchange some blows, it is not enough to startle the champion. The fight ended via TKO when coach Freddie Roach decided to stop the fight after the 9th round (which for me is a very wise decision)even with Gerry’s heart to continue to fight. Not to mention it is the only fight for Juan Manuel Lopez for the last to fights that reached after fight after the 1st round.

Lopez improved his undefeated record 25-0-0, 23KOs, while Gerry has 54-7-0 36KOs.

Well, there is still hope for the Filipino fans as Manny Pacquiao will step into the ring in a week and may he regain the honor of winning for probably the most important fight of his career.

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