• SumoMe

I went to SSS Main Office yesterday to for the SSS ID Capture (even it was holiday) in the SSS main office. Our company was scheduled at that time with the other companies. It was fairly easy really because it was a holiday and got picture taken almost as immediately.

For those who haven’t got their SSS ID captured, here are the simple steps.

Before Anything else, bring the following
1. E-6 Form from your company or ask a form inside the main office.
2. Two valid ID’s (Bring extras in case they will not accept it).

1. Go the SSS(Social Security System) Main Office Located at Escario, Across Golden Peak Hotel.

2. Get a priority number from the entrance (guard).
3. Wait in the line or sit and wait for your number to be called or posted(Numbers are posted above (electronic) )
4. After that present the requirements (with a smile ….for the photo capture).
5. After the photo capture, they will give some sort of a claim stub which you will show/give to claim your new SSS ID.