Writing this Blog at 2 am

  • Sumo

Just nothing, I’ve been wondering why am I doing certain things in life, I mean knowing what I want in life is really an issue recently. Knowing how unpredictable life can be these days, life is to short just to do nothing or worse do something you have no direction whatsoever.

I don’t why I am having these kind of thinking, It seems that having a purpose of self is really important when you do something. It’s not enough to have someone told you what to do or let someones expectations get ahead of you or lets just say you decide based on what others will see or what they want to see in you.

Maybe I’m just sleepy at this instant or just having a realization of things, I thought that having a turning point in life is the only way I will my purpose or my mission in life. Though I am still very busy with my career, work, learning, meeting new people and others, I just feel that there is something missing , maybe I haven’t found my calling or I am just thinking too much.

I know I am very blessed in general terms and I thank “God” for that. Well, that’s life and we got to live life to the fullest, after all, life is short…

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