Beginner’s Basic SEO Tips

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Creating a blog/website is really easy with all the available templates, easy to use tools to create layout and pages with or without programming knowledge, the challenge is getting traffic to your blog/site which means getting hit/visits from users. It is really challenging with all the websites/blogs coming out like mushrooms (cant think of other sample). Anyways, here are the basic elements that make up a good SEO foundation for starter pages or blogs?

Title Tag
With Title Tag included at every page, it can be the most powerful on-site SEO technique. You have to determine the exact targeted keywords inside the Title Tag because it will be used as your Title in search engins. Give different Title Tag for every web page you have, that will make your site optimized enough and also avoiding the supplemental result in Google search.

Meta tags

Alt Tags
If you place some image inside your site, it would be better if you are using the Alt Tags as additional SEO techniques. If the image didn’t show, the Alt Tags would tell the visitor what it’s about. Why you should use it? Simple answer…. With placing additional keywords inside the Alt Tags, your site will contain rich-targeted-keywords. Don’t even try for spamming and keep it at the normal level when locating your keywords here. Spamming or keyword manipulation will be wipes away from Google SE index.

Rich Contents
If you keep your site get updated frequently, search engines will seek and crawl the content inside your site more often. Building more content such as articles, FAQ, tips, recipes, etc. will make your site keep updated. Create as much as possible and keep each web pages has density around 200 to 400 words. Link your contents to other related contents whether inside your site or outside of your site. Get the related link as much as possible, but avoid the link farm technique.

Keyword Density
Density of your keyword at your site is very vital and should be done with some research with trials and errors. To make the normal SEO techniques for your keyword, you should use the keyword(s) at least once in the title tag, heading tag, bolding text, and make sure that your keword density reaches 5% to 20% from overall of your contents. Don’t give too many keywords since it would be bad for SEO and will make your site categorized as keyword spamming and keyword manipulation. This will make your site wipes away from search engines index. Whenever possible, use your keyword(s) on the most top and the most bottom of your web page. When create any paragraph, make sure your keyword(s) located in the first sentence and in the last sentence inside the paragraph.

Link Popularity
Is the most powerful off-page SEO for your site. Most search engines will consider the existence of any website, if there’s one or more links pointing to the web site. This Link Popularity technique is very important when it comes to getting your site a good ranking. It can be done by having another site(s) link to your web site. Make sure your keywords included at the pointed links you get and you should keep the keywords short. There’s a method called link exchange for gaining Link Popularity technique. Beware, some websites won’t increase your rank, even it may reduce your rank in search engine’s sight. If you want to make a link exchange, you have to check the site before pointing your link to their site. If their site is at bad behavior, your site will get some penalty from SE and even get banned from the list.

On Page Cross Linking
With this SEO technique, all of your web pages will be indexed by search engines. Keep the depth of your page no more than three links away from your main page. Make your related topics linking each other across your site. With this technique, your site will have more behaviors and give your visitors additional features. Don’t forget to locate a link back to your main page for each page inside your site, because your visitors always need the links to get back to your main home page.

Page Size
Your visitor will be happy if the loading time of your page is very fast. It makes the speed of your webpage is very important things you have to notice, because your visitors don’t want waiting when they’re accessing your website. Also, search engines will visit your page more frequently rather than another site with hard loading time. I can say that because with the fast loading time will make search engine robots crawling your web page easier and faster. The normal size for each of your web page is less than 15k, the proper loading time is less than 2 sec, Try to tes here

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