Why Blogging?

  • Sumo

A question I also ask to myself, Honestly, I am not fund of writing articles. I got into blogging just by accident. I think of this only as a part of my work. I was assigned first in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and I have to find a way to promote the company’s site either in the no of indices and page ranks in google, It is rather a difficult task more than I thought. I have tried eveything from writing forums, social bookmarks, web directories and still not enought success.

And I have observe that blogs have a very high online traffic, and I can build links easily through posting the links of the site. I have also encountered some bloggers that are just like me in terms of field of work. It help rise my websites indices and much more, I got to meet a lot people in the web whether they are in the Philippines or not.

Blogging is not about just expressing yourself, it is a kind of lifestyle where people can share their thoughts and feelings without any hindrances or barriers.

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