Reality TV-Why can’t we stop watching

When people talk about television these days, they’re talking about Reality TV. It’s dominating the tube right now. We’ve got Survivor, Fear Factor etc, The Apprentice, The Amazing Race, American/Pinoy Idol, Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Dream Academy and many more.

Topics like who was picked by the Bachelor and who was dump by the Bachelorette, who was Hot and who was thrown off the Island. The viewing public’s fascination with these shows is growing at a rate matched only by the number of them in production.

But why reality? Whats behind the popularity and the boom. Here are the lists.

1. Money – “Theres no trick”, these shows are really cheap in terms of production. Say for example before the show “Friends” is one of the highest rated show on television, earning millions in advertising. But each of the six actors gets paid $1 million per episode compared to ‘Survivor’ gets ratings almost as high and doesn’t come with those costs.

2. We’re Voyeurs- these shows erased the boundaries between the public and the private. Anybody whose been deliberately eavesdropped on a conversation in a train or in a room or any places is going to relate to these shows “We’re a curious species I should say”

3. Genuinely Surprising – People get to be amazed the twist and turns in the show, especially when there are challenges or tests in the contestants or people in the show, it creates an adrenaline rush to viewer and wanting to wait and see what’s gonna happen next.

4. “thank-God-its-not-me” mentality- These shows can display a lot things and happenings which is particularly related to our daily lives, the dating aspect for example where , viewers can say they already been there but relieved that they are not the ones rejected or embarrassed themselves in national television.

Well, that’s for my list so far, I know there are other reasons behind the camera. But whether we like it or not, more of these types of shows are gonna be made and seen in the future.

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