Am I really Blogging?

  • Sumo

The articles I have post are really in random basis, When I see an interesting article or topic for the web, I modify a little a paste it on my blog. Though some may think of it as a scraping of data or just plain copying of ideas (pirated).

The whole idea of blogging for me is not just about posting whatever you want in order to gain audience or visitors or worst to market or promote a site ( spamming in short). It is a way were people meet around the globe sharing ideas, experiences, happiness, joy, laughter, weird, facts coming from the people itself posting the topic in their blogs (wow thats hard).

Well the truth of the matter is blogging is just way of sending the message to the whole world that they/it exists. It really is a simple psychology where people want to see other people do stuffs (even the crazy ones). We are a curious creature you know. and what blogging is all about…

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